The Risk Radar Initiative

Disruptor Risk Radar

Disruptor Risk Radar

The NYU Global Risk Network is developing the first Early Warning Risk Radar of Emerging Global Disruptions focused on identifying prospective disruptive forces that have the potential to impact global business operations, markets and wider society.  The effort will focus on both the threats and opportunities presented by these potential disruptions.

Research and insights from some of the world’s leading think tanks and research organizations will be identified, reviewed, compiled and distilled for the executive decision maker.  The effort will also be informed by outreach to senior managers from Fortune/Global 500 firms from a diversity of job titles.  This effort will take a multi-disciplinary approach and focus not only on the downside impacts but also potential upside opportunities presented by these prospective disruptions.  The goal is to support a more integrated approach to future uncertainty across the global corporation.

Corporations must do business in a very dynamic and uncertain global operating environment. There is a tremendous amount of information/ intelligence/ forecasting available.  However, often senior managers have severely limited time to research and process the wide array.  This initiative will canvass forums, research reports and other resources to identify important insights on major forces that could be game changers in the near term.  This initiative will look to provide high level synopses of these findings with direct links to the original documents for greater detail as needed.  Additionally, as appropriate, insights on similar areas from different sources will be organized to facilitate comparison and integration.

All corporate members of the Global Risk Network will have access to this ongoing platform which can serve as an important planning resource.  Quarterly or semi-annual updates are in consideration.  This initiative will be one of the three special projects delivered to Network members in 2013.

Outreach to Fortune / Global 500 firms continues.  Corporate executives are requested to provide time for a 15 minute interview to obtain their input on what “disruptors” the Risk Radar platform should target.  In return, participating executives will receive a copy of a report on the Risk Radar initiative.

Interested parties should contact NYU’s International Center for Enterprise Preparedness at

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