About the Forum

Bill Raisch Host - Global Disruptors Forum

Bill Raisch
Host – Global Disruptors Forum

These are dynamic and increasingly uncertain times.  They are charged with both threats and opportunities.

Globalization, growing interdependencies, economic fragility, accelerating technologies and hyper-connectedness have all contributed to an environment where disruptions of one form or another seem to be increasing in both frequency and magnitude of their impacts.

These “disruptors” are the focus of this forum.

While findings and data from some of the world’s leading think tanks will be shared, the core focus of this forum is the exchange and interaction of personal insights from world experts as well as organizational leaders that are actively wrestling with these issues.

In a world of information overload, the human filter, provided by informed and engaged professionals, is increasingly vital.

My name is Bill Raisch, I am fortunate to be the convener and host of this Global Disruptors Forum. The Forum continues and expands to a virtual environment the community of leaders from the public and private sector that have come together in an ongoing series of senior level face-to-face forums first convened in 2002. These forums have always focused at their core on the challenge and opportunity presented by risk and uncertainty.

I am also fortunate to serve as the founding Director of the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP) at New York University. This forum is not affiliated with New York University. Nonetheless, I do spotlight activities of InterCEP and its Global Risk Network initiative which is a model of communication and collaboration on shared risks among global corporations and other actors across worldwide operations.

It is my sincere hope that this Forum can provide an effective environment to promote the identification of “disruptors” and their likely impacts as well as potential strategies to address both the threats and opportunities that these forces present to us all.

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