Rapid information flow, Mother Nature & accelerated change

Edward Erickson - Fmr. Global Head of Cisco's Supply Chain Risk Management, Safety, Security & BCP / Founder Supply Chain Risk Leadership Council, Currently VP, Intrapoint

Edward Erickson – Fmr. Global Head of Cisco’s Supply Chain Risk Mgmt., Safety, Security & BCP, Currently VP, Intrapoint

Forum Host Bill Raisch:  Edward, Cisco is essentially a wide web of interrelationships and operations across an extensive global footprint.  You had responsibility for risk in the supply chain, which if I recall correctly runs into the thousands of suppliers, as well as responsibility for security, safety and business continuity for Cisco.  That’s a lot of moving pieces and functions.  You’re now working on an enterprise resilience platform at Intrapoint.

What do you see the most important disruptors facing global corporations, markets and/or wider society?  

Edward Erickson:

Rapid and / or incorrect information flow i.e. stock market recently, highlights the need to be prepared as you are tried in the public with no time to formulate

Mother nature – seems as volatility is accelerating in combination with interdependencies – low cost regions more susceptible

Accelerated rate of change, both in tech and customer preference, highlights need for forward thinking and agility built into capabilities and mindsets.

Bill Raisch:  What do you see as potential impacts of these disruptors?

Edward Erickson:

  • Brand reputation
  • Market share loss

Bill Raisch:      What strategies would you suggest to address these disruptor – to either mitigate negative impacts and/or to capitalize on potential opportunities?

Edward Erickson: 

  • Develop all hazard plans that can be adapted and invoked through imbedded processes and accelerated and replicated with technology
  • Develop a process for assessing and addressing risks on the horizon – must companies do the former, not the later
  • Diversification


Posted by Bill Raisch, Host – Global Disruptors Forum

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